3: Vacations

November 28, 2015

Episode 3: vacations. shake shack. saved by the bell.

Techie tip at 2:35 đź“±

If you’re listening along and playing a drinking game, take a drink every time Jenni says “beautiful” (warning you will be drunk).

2: Blacksmith John

November 22, 2015

Episode 2: mic etiquette. 90s movies. landscaping. geography. Taco Bell.

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Show notes: Karl’s mint report revealed 265 transactions at Taco Bell for a total of $1208.04

1: For our listeners who don't know

October 21, 2015

Episode 1: fast food. papas fritas. true confessions. siri fail.

First moments and inception of just the two of us. Fumbling our way through figuring out how to make a podcast.

Is this only funny to us?